Our Vision

Olotu was conceived with the idea of re-inventing african fashion. Dissatisfied with basic apparel manufactured from stiff wax prints, our vision is create strikingly-bold prints inspired from traditional patterns, but modernised and digitally crafted for comfort and fit.

Our Mission

Every print tells a story. We are passionate about preserving the history of African fashion, showcasing its bold and vibrant prints on modern highstreet fashion combined with the comfort & styling of modern fabrics.

Our Core Values

| Ethical | All our products are ethically sourced and sustainable.

| Quality |Our products are digitally crafted & engineered to meet the highest standards. 

| African| Our prints are unapologetically African. We are here to make African fashion accessible. 


| Re-inventing African Fashion |


|translation| ‘champion’   // ˈtʃampɪən //

|origin| Ijaw

|definition| a person who has won a series of battles and come out on top, surpassing all rivals.


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